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    Smart Extruder + Explosion now it is encased in filament

    This extruder is only a couple months old. Thankfully I have a backup extruder. Do you think Makerbot will replace it?
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    Makerbot most likely will not replace. They however will sell you another.

    I would heat up the hot end as if I was going to print and remove the largest globs, using side cutters and needle nose pliers.
    After the majority is removed then depending on what filament you were printing would determine how I would proceed in cleaning the remaining filament

    If ABS I would use a jar or acetone and de-solve the remaining filament.
    If PLA I would slowly heat and scrape the filament from the parts until I had the more expensive retrievable parts.

    Then determine if it was worth my time to spend on the cheaper parts if not then throw the cheaper consumables away, and replace with new.

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