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    Printing Problems Jgaurora A5

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum.

    This is my first 3D Printer and i already have printed some pasrts. But often at special bulding s i struggle with the same problem. The printer is a Jgaurora A5 , printing PLA 1.75mm filament.

    My settings were:

    - high quality template
    - 0.1mm layer height
    - 1.2 mm Wall thickness
    - 20% infill
    - 60 mm/s print speed
    - 30 mm/s Wall speed
    - Retraction Distance 10mm and -speed 45mm/s
    - brim with 22 loop lines
    - 200 deg nozzle, 60 deg bed temperature

    I've attached some pictures. Seems to be strining or something similar. Because in the circle the nozzle drops some material.

    Can anyone offer any advice?
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