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    The store is stil not working. Hopefully they fix it!

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    Their whole website has been down for months. Not sure what is going on there.

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    Is there a other site with the stl's for the very Nice speakers.
    Or Some sent them to me?

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    Looks really cool! Bummer that the website is still down; anyone know if this is available somewhere else?

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    Anyone has the STL files?


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    do you have the stl file?

    Quote Originally Posted by xCop View Post
    I just saw that someone printed one of these themselves using a non-wood filament. check it out:

    do you have the stl file? and instruction?

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    Thought I'd join and post my creation of this speaker... Printed with MG Chemical Wood Filament...I tried one at 0.2mm and one at 0.3mm layers. I think there is little difference because of post processing. In fact, the larger layers create more of a stepping effect which looks like natural wood grain. Sanded and stained. Legs also printed in wood and spray painted gold. Speaker is a 4" Aucharm Full-Range Driver, you can find from China on eBay or Aliexpress....It's a premium speaker and sounds great with polyester stuffing inside.

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    I wanna make this cabnet.

    I wanna make this cabinet by 3D printer.
    Do you sell filament and have data?

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