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    The Sub $75 3D Printer - Made from cheap & recycled parts

    I know, I know. Every day it seems like we report on a new 3D printer that is more affordable than the last. Now there is a man who has created a 3D printer using scraps, recycled parts, and other affordable parts for under $75. That's not a typo! He used a lot of pieces from old DVD and Blu-Ray players as well as motors from old printers. He did buy some parts, and scrounged around for others. Read more about what this guy has done at

    What do you think? Could you do this yourselves?

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    I'm a bit surprised he didn't remove the stepper driver chips for a custom circuit, or directly wire into them on their boards.

    I think it takes a lot of patience to do this. It seems like a lot of work for a tiny build volume though. Dismantle several junk printers or scanners and you'd have a lot of linear motion parts to make a more reasonably sized machine.
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