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    San Francisco 3D Printed

    This is pretty incredible. A large portion of San Francisco has been 3D printed in a scaled down model. Autodesk teamed with Steelblue to create this model. They used a Stratasys Connex 500 3D printer.The 3D print covers over 115 blocks of the city, and weighs a staggering 150 pounds. The total size of the model is 6 square feet, and can act as an amazing visualization tool for city planners.

    Representatives from Autodesk believe that this may be the largest 3D printed representation of a city ever constructed. This statement is not confirmed, but it would be hard to believe that there is another bigger one somewhere which has not received recognition. Check out the picture and video below of this amazing 3D print of San Francisco. What do you guys think?

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    Jeez louise...Awesome.

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    The Transamerica tower is missing, and they have buildings there that don't yet exist. I think this is a fictionalized version of what it could look like in the future. It's still pretty neat, though.

    Steve S

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    very cool. would they be willing to share or sell the files used to create the prints?
    anyone have any contact info for anyone involved in the project?
    That would be awesome

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    this is awesome. I'd like to see more of this

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    That looks really cool!!! I have never done a large scale print like this...just smaller/cuter things with my kids!!! But being so close to San Fran...makes me wanna compare it to pics to see how close it looks haha

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    was 4 years ago -so probably changed a fair bit since then.
    And there have definitely bee larger 3d printed cityscapes since then as well.

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    wow, looking cool, especially painted i guess

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    We need a NYC print, that would look even more awesome!

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