I found a similar problem hanging ferrite rings on the ribbon cables did not solve problem.
I removed the LED from the top of the 3D Printer an extended it as far away i it would possible be placed.
I found that at this location the problem never occurred.
After hours of testing found that the best place on my 3D Printer was the Front 2020 T-Slot.
I further adjusted my power supplies voltage to 12V not anything else 12.8v - 13.6v and the problem lessened.
This problem also occurred on my 24v 3D Printer of the same make, made the same changes only adjusted the supply voltage to 24V.

I covered the LCD ribbon cables with the non-sticky blue tape, then cover this with aluminum foil Duct tape and grounded both ends.
3 years now and I have never experienced this freezing problem.

Though my 3D Printers problem extended to other things,
It would pause for an undetermined time then continue like nothing happened.
It would home left pause for an undetermined time return and continue where it left off.
It would shoot up or right to max shutter, try to return to where it was, but could not being off step shutter again until turned off.

Crazy thing is they worked perfectly until I flashed a newer version of Marlin, this could be a coincidence though.
This last part does not matter though because I found what was causing the problems and the newer version of marlin were well worth it.

Oh almost forgot, do not let the LCD ribbon cables get too close to the Stepper motor drivers this can cause similar problems.

p.s every 3D Printer does not experience problems like these, this could merely be from subpar parts in our power supplies or Controllers.