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    MakerBot's Unknown 3D Printer Invention - Automatic Build Material Changing

    Makerbot is a company that is continuously trying to come up with innovative ideas to improve upon consumer 3D printers. The 5th Generation Replicators have a lot of add features. However, it would be safe to assume that MakerBot has other things up their sleeves. One patent that they have filed reveals what might come next; a 3D printer that can automatically change build materials. More details on this patent along with some diagrams can be found at

    What do you think? Will this be part of the next generation of MakerBots?

    Would you like a printer that can do this?

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    I think it's a fantastic idea. We all know it's not that difficult to swap filament but it does tie you to the machine if you need to change back and forth. It would be nice to just let it rip and have a multi-filament print without intervention. I can't wait to see it.
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    Seems like the obvious next step. I would expect a rotary type of head to come next. One that has 5 or 6 colors of filament coming in and rotates each strand into the extruder instead of just sliding back and forth like this one appears to. It would rotate around the Z-axis.

    You heard it here first! lol

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    Hey Eddie,

    Can you post a citation (link/file) for the patent? I'm really excited if this could actually be a thing and really want to learn more about how it works, specifically whether or not they plan to make us buy a new printer or if I could add it to my Replicator 2.


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    You can find the entire patent filing at

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