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    Makerbot disappoints at Maker Faire

    Was anyone at Maker Faire and can confirm that the Generation 5 3D Printers weren't operating up to par? From someone I've been reading about online, he said that he was at maker faire and the printers were messing up during prints. These were the 5th generation replicators.

    Here are the photos that he took of the printers printing snufflupagus at MakerFaire:

    This is a bit disappointing to me if they can't even get them working for one of the largest annual maker conferences.

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    That's ashame. The Gen 5 printers are good printers. It's just that the people they hire to work these events usually aren't exactly the most intelligent individuals. They probably did something wrong or didn't even realize it was printing with gaps (like shown above)

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    good printers...really? guess you havent done a whole lot of research on them. they are plagued with issues and poor mechanical design.

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    They are terrible printers...,

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    Ggalisky, I won't agree. They are very good printers. They just are very buggy. I think MakerBot needs to release some sort of firmware for it.

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    They have a poor extruder design and for $3,000 that's unacceptable. Have you read other forums about people that were disappointed? Just search makerbot 5th gen clogging and you will see. I had one and I didn't get quality prints, and the extruder jammed up right away. I never had a problem with the software only the hardware. Maybe my hardware problems were caused by software problems. Anyways they are quite pricey. Your sorta right. They are good printers under the right conditions. My friend has one and has not had a single jam.
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