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    3D Printed model ships

    Model ship building is usually a labor of love, with single builds lasting for months or years. I'm patient, but I don't mind speeding things up a bit. Just finished a build in 3 months, where a similar model with traditional wood construction took 5 months of build time... not bad.

    Here's a (almost) completely 3D printed model of a Canadian coast guard cutter, 26 inches long:

    Parts are a mixture of SLA hull, SLS cabins, and polyjet details.

    And here's another, a 1940's seaplane tender, 27 inches long. SLA hull and cabin, polyjet details, and investment cast brass details from printed wax patterns:

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    Wow, I am speechless. These are incredible! May I ask you how long each of these took to print out, and what 3D printer(s) were used? Do you have any additional plans for further models? thought this was an awesome image which shows the true extend of the model:

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    Thanks! I certainly expect to do more of this, between builds right now though.

    Large SLA was done on a 3DS SLA7000 (mega-bucks machine)... all other parts (SLS and polyjet) are through whatever equipment Shapeways has.

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    Patmat, these is amazing!!!!!
    How long does it take to print one of these? How many pieces are they printed in?

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    Very cool!

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    How many parts? Over 100 in one model...because of the need for hand finishing, you can't just print a blob.

    How long? 2 weeks! Shapeway's usual leadtime...

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    May I ask you your costs?

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    My costs are immaterial. YOUR costs can be found on the Shapeways site!

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