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    Needing tips to speed up my printer and not sacrifice quality.

    Hi there! I'm currently new to printing and have an Alfawise U10 and need assistance with speed. I'm going to make a helmet and unfortunately? with the suggested settings from Cura I have a print time of 12 days. I am using ABS at draft setting (0.2mm) with a print speed of 14mm/s and a printing temp of 240 with a build plate temp of 68. Will a different firmware assist me and what settings should I run to speed it up but not at the cost of quality?

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    14mm/s !

    up your layer thickness to 0.32 and your print speed to at least 50mm/s
    And throw the abs away and use pla. It not only prints quicker, but will stick better, smell better and give you stronger prints.
    And would also be a good idea to make a top mounted filament holder for the crossbar (if you haven't already).
    The pictures show one at the base, on the psu side. That's going to choke the filament and slow things down.

    Realistically you should be able to print at 70mm/s without any problems.
    But I find that 50-60mm/s tends to be a good compromise between reasonable speed and quality.

    As far as quality for something like a helmet goes. You're probably going to sand and paint it anyway. So larger layer thicknesses are absolutely fine.

    If you insist on using abs, then up the build plate temp to 90c. It'll help the first few layers stick and shrink slower.

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    Awesome! Thanks... for medium sized tems it works great but for items like a 2 inch cylinder it has an issue were it shifts over about an eighth

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