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    How you fix your parts?

    Hi there! want to ask you how you fix your models?
    Which software do you use? Why?
    Which type of issue is frequent?

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    Materialise Magics is just about the most advanced mesh optimization tool and solves 95% of my models automatically.
    It also includes hollowing and boolean commands.

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    as i design all my models with openscad - I don't get any issues, ever :-)

    With occasional models I download from thingiverse either simplify3d or flashprint will say: ' this model has problems would you like them fixed.'
    And it fixes them.
    At least i presume it does.
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    there are a couple online sites that will fix them, you dont even need to download any thing, just google them.

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    thanks for the information.

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    Fusion 360 for Hobbyist Free

    There are many download all and find the one you like the best.

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