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    Supports not sticking to bed

    I need some suggestions on getting my supports to stick to my printer bed. I?m using a Davinci Pro 1.0 with an aluminum bed. I have a borosilicate glass plate on top of the aluminum bed and I have been using hair spray with pretty good results. I recently switched to using a glue stick on top of the glass plate but the problem I am having is the supports are not sticking, I think because they are so small and really don?t have enough surface area. The other parts of the prints that have a little more surface area on the glass stick very well. I have ordered one of those two piece magnetic build surfaces that comes in tomorrow that I can try but other than that I have run out of ideas. Does any one have any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I will use a brim when I have support on the bed that are only a few (not much contact area) I also set solid layers to 5 or 6 (S3D) so that you get full layers at the bottom. Kapton (polymide) tape is what I use on my glass, very little issue with things not sticking, more often can't get them off..
    Good luck

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    Well you somehow troubleshoot your own problem when you claim the surface area of the support is small. Try airscapes advice it should be a first step.

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    dimafix - best rub on print 'surface' I've tried.
    Even the small bits will stick well and release fairly easily.

    never had much luck with kapton tape.

    A rim on the supports is also a good idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    never had much luck with kapton tape.
    The tape take a bit of work to get it on correctly.. Also A jig to hold the glass bed and tape roll at a perfect 90 so you can water slide it up tight against the previous piece. The stuff MakerGear sells really works great. Just have to maintain it as EPA will pull it off when you remove the part if not careful. Recently I have taken to just applying 2 small 4" long pieces in the center of the bed.
    There are videos online that show how to water slide the tape in place

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    I will utilize an overflow when I have bolster on the bed that are just a couple (very little contact territory) I likewise set strong layers to 5 or 6 (S3D) with the goal that you get full layers at the base. Kapton (polymide) tape is the thing that I use on my glass, next to no issue with things not staying, all the more frequently can't get them off..

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