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    Issue with new Ender 3 Print Speed changing

    I just got a new Ender 3 Printer a couple days ago and I've been having some really strange issues with the print speed changing between prints. It doesn't always happen but about 2 out of 3 times, weather I abort the print or finish the print, the speed of the print goes back to the defaulted 60 mm/s. Since i have a tempered glass bed and don't use glue, just yet, that speed is far to fast to lay the initial layers, let alone properly lay the rest of the print. If i shut the printer off or unplug the mini usb and plug it back in that seems to fix the issue temporarily. Its a really annoying issue and i have yet to determine what it is that's causing the issue. I've tried reinstall the drivers and reinstalling Cura 3.5.1 but nothing seems to fix it yet. I do use a custom profile that I have been tweaking since I got the printer. I don't see anything in the profile that suggests it would be the issue. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

    Edit: I was just printing multiple parts at once, 8 parts to be exact, and i noticed after a few layers on all the parts the speed jumped back up to default. The parts were far enough along to not get dislodged but the prints have definitely suffered in print quality. Any help with this issue would be appreciated. I have no idea why its doing this. Thank you!
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    are you changing the speed from the printer or cura ?

    Judging by all the issues we've been getting on here about cura recently.
    I'd seriously consider a different slicer.
    Slic3r is pretty good. Pronterface with slic3r is better.
    There's a few more to look at here:

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    I created a profile in cura and changed the speed and many other things. Then I am printing via usb because the mini sd reader that came with the machine doesn't work. Is there a trial version of slicer? I didnt really wanna pay the $150 if it causes issues too.

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    slic3r is free, so is pronterface.

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