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    Used Creator Pro Advise

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the 3d printing world and am in the market for a used printer. I'm currently looking at two options and am hoping you guys can help sway me.

    Option 1:
    Odometer - 360 hours / 904 meters
    Price - $300
    This machine has had the fan replaced which cools the filament after it is extruded. Other than that the owner states it is 2-3 years old.

    Option: 2
    Odometer - ? hours / 110 meters
    Price - $500
    This machine is stock with minimal use and no known issues. It is being sold as it was a backup unit and is 1-2 years old.

    I understand this is not a lot of information to work with and both owners have sent images of the printers and have confirmed each function well.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Oh yeah: option 4:

    The klic-n-print is an unenclosed rep pro clone. Exceptionally well made. Won mine in a competition. Quality machine.
    All you'd need to do to enclose it is add top lid, front door and block the handle holes.
    It's a full steel frame so sticking stuff to it with magnest is simplicity itself.
    Mine currently looks like I've got half the office stuck to it :-)
    I've never bothered enclosing mine.
    I don't use abs and can't see the point of trying to get it hot enough to print with polycarbonate or any of the other 'super' filaments that need a hot print volume.

    For $299 it's the bargain of the decade !

    Use flashprint slicer for any of these machines.
    Works way better than simplify3 or makerware for dual printing.
    I'm currently using dimafix for bed adhesion - good stuff.

    Ah - out of stock, oh well if you see one second hand - it's worth buying :-)
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    well that's weird my first post has disappeared.

    Basically get the cheap one - 900 metres is barely run in :-)

    option 3:
    For a slightly more expensive alternative, have alook at the qidi tech 1.
    essentially the same printer - but with some upgrades and brand new for $586.

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    I appreciate the feedback. The sub 600 price for the QIDI is very enticing. However I do like the aspect of FF having state side support and if replacement parts are needed they do not have to be shipped overseas. Was the summation of your initial post to buy the cheaper used printer, option 1?

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    yep - forget manufacturer support.
    all parts are standard and by all accounts the after sales support from the us flashforge site is poor at best.
    Plus I don't think they are actually officially affiliated with the chinese company any more.
    There were issues a few years back.

    So one thing I always tell new 3d printers - if you've bought a cheapish printer - you are on your own, as far a smanufacturer support goes :-)

    There is nothing on a replicator pro that isn't bog standard bits and pieces you can get pretty much anywhere.
    Until i3's appeared and became the most copied 3d printer - replicator clones held that title. There are at least half a dozen companies that churned out the exact same machine. With varying degrees of quality control.
    CTC were the cheapest and worst - avoid them.
    Flashforge, wanhao and qidi are all superior to the original makerbot machine.
    Plus qidi actually have a good after sales reputation.

    And yes, if not getting the qidi I'd go for the cheap second hand machine. Or try and get the other for at least $400. $500 is way too steep for a used machine. Considering what's available - brand new - today for $500, it's massively over priced.
    Bear in kind used prices have NO bearing on what a machine cost when new - but are regulated for what you can get Today for the same money.

    Check belts are tight and case bolts are tight. Clean the travel rods and lightly lubricate (I use a little ithium grease on kitchen roll and just wipe the rods and z screw.) but I've seen everything from gun oil to 3-in-1 oil recommended.
    And that's pretty much it.

    Any other issues, and mods we can deal with as and if they appear :-)
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