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    Question Sterilization on Taulman Nylon 680

    Hi, I am working in a hospital, and recently we want to print surgical guides with desktop FDM printers.

    I have searched some materials for printing the guides and it seems Taulman Nylon 680 is quite suitable.
    However, I cannot find the sterilization procedures for this Nylon 680.
    I only know it can be autoclaved.
    But is there a suggested autoclave cycle for this material?
    Or are there any other sterilizing procedures for Nylon 680?

    Thanks a lot!

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    have a look at the mymat filaments.
    Cost a bit more - but way better than the 680.
    here we go - glass transition on the 680 is 93c.
    So probably not suitable for autoclave. I suppose you could set it to 80c.

    I think some of the mymat stuff goes past 110c - and is hospital certified (or whatever it's called).

    The 680 actually prints pretty good - for nylon - you'll always get a fair bit of stringing. But it doesn't warp as much as most nylon.
    The mymat nylons don't warp at all !
    Amazing stuff.

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