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    FF Finder - Print quality suddenly worse after failed print

    A few weeks ago I was doing a large print wich failed halfway trough as the printer stoped extruding. The print had bad surface finish and a lot of stringing, problems I have not experienced before.

    After cleaning the nozzle it was extruding again and I could print, but the surface quality on vertical surfaces was not as good as before. I tried cleaning the nozzle again, but no change. I concluded the nozzle was probably worn out or gunked up with something I couldn't get out, so I replaced it with a new Prima Creator nozzle. This had no detectable effect on the print quality.

    I have also cleaned the gear and idler in the extruder and switched to a new spool of filament. Still no detectable effect on the print quality. (I also cleaned and lubricated bearing all rods and Z-axis lead screw, not surprisingly, no effect.)

    One of the test prints was printed from the printers memory before and after the problem started, so I can rule out slicer settings.

    Any ideas what could be causing this? Maybe the PTFE tube or some other part of the extruder?


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    I tried one more thing: I suspected the problem might have something to do with print temperature, but printing at 210 and 230 degrees resulted in prints identical to those printed at 220. (Using Flashforge PLA).

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    I noticed my pictures got scaled down enough to make it hard to see the problem clearly, so I have uploaded higher resolution images:

    Under microscope, notice "bubbles".
    Before and after
    First print to fail 1
    First print to fail 2

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    To summarize there are two problems:
    1. Uneven layers, similar to Z-wobble, except it's random, not regular.
    2. Small "blobs", which I think are typical of wet filament, but I have tried with known dry filament (PLA and PETG) and got the same result.

    Since my last post I have replaced the nozzle and PTFE tube. This resultet in no difference in print quality.

    Any suggestions?

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    well on the before print it looks like you are starting all layers from the same point - hence the z 'ridge'.
    in the after looks more like random start points.
    Also possible retraction between layers might have been switched off. That could cause the same issue.

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