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    3d printing for tabletop minatures

    Hello all! Im looking into 3d printing for the first time to try to create my own minatures for my tabletop group. The 28-30 mm minatures from my understanding are difficult to get detail into without a really high resolution printer. Ive been looking at the differences between filament and resin based machines and have found what seems to be a decent budget machine for both. The MP micro v2 uses filament and says it can print at 50 microns. The resin based machine I liked was the ANYCUBIC Photon which supposedly prints at up to 25 microns. My question is how large is the difference in detail from 50 microns to 25 microns? Is it worth the extra $200 and the hassle of a resin based machine?

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    Can't say on either but after buying a MakerGear M2 for no particular purpose other than I wanted one that had been highly rated and around without major change for a few year I was tasked to print miniatures for a friend. I believe resin would produce much better parts but not sure how much you need to spend to get that..The M2 is FFF and $1800 USD.It take a bit of learning to print tiny objects with FFF. I used the .25 mm nozzle and PLA for the campaign. There is lots of time post process cleaning of supports which always leave some evidence of their presents.Here are some photos of a few of the models.. think I printed over 200 in total
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    the short answer is no: resin probably isn't worth the hassle - not too mention the extra expense.

    Also check this guy out:

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    Resin prints are very precise and beautiful but they very expensive and hard to print. I am using a cheap 3d pla printer of ebay (<150$). The quality is good enough for me, some small details are lost of course. I file down the miniatures, prime and paint them so they look very close to the real thing. Playing around with the printer settings helps also...

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