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    UK TCT 2018 - This Week :-)

    Can't believe it's come round this fast.
    Not sure what day we're going on this year. either the 2nd or the third I reckon. That would be wednesday or thursday. Probably wednesday - 26th.
    You get more stuff on the last day - but people pack up early so not so much chance to chat to as many people.
    I usually come away from tct with a sore throat from waffling so much :-)

    To be fair I haven't made an inroad into the filament I blagged last year yet (or 2016 for that matter), so this year blagging stuff isn't my top priority :-)

    Some of the new specialist filaments I'd quite like. But just don't need any more 5 metre rolls of bog-standard pla :-)

    This year is more along the lines of pushing the 3d printboard angle and trying to make sure people think of me when they've got new stuff to test :-)

    Also maybe see if monoprice will let me buy the demo mini delta for a discount - hey, you have to try :-)
    It's still the cutest machine on the planet.

    So my usual spiel.

    Is anyone else from the forum going ?
    If so - fancy meeting up round the subway stand for a coffee or lunch ?

    I'll be even easier to spot this year.
    Not only a wide hairy bloke with a big ginger beard in need of a haircut, wearing a Curious Aardvark/3dprintboard. com t-shirt. But as I'm currently recovering from a torn thigh muscle - I'll also be limping :-)

    Admittedly at tct - a large hairy bloke with a beard, doesn't exactly stand out (as a species, we make up about 50% of the visitors). But throw in the t-shirt and the limp and I'll be easy to spot :-)

    Oh yeah and the grotty mauve 'backpack' thing stands out as well.
    I stick with it as there is no way on this planet, anyone would ever want to steal it :-)

    If you're going and fancy a chat, message me and we can exchange numbers.
    I'm happy to change visit dates - I only live 30 minutes from the nec.

    Should you come up to me and say: 'You are curious aardvark and i claim my ?5 !'
    You won't get ?5 :-)
    But it'll make me laugh.

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