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    Can I print blank phone cases with a 3D printer ?

    I'm totally new to the 3D printers world and I am actually running a phone cases business. Until now, we were buying our cases from China but we were wondering if we could 3D print our own phone cases to sell them after. So my questions are the following :- Is it possible to build blank phone cases with a 3D printer for any phone brands ?- What would approximately be the cost for one phone case ?- Will the cases perfectly fit the phones they will be created for ?- What would be the cost for a "good" 3D printer for this purpose ?

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    They have many phone cases on thingiverse, they are easy to print.

    Depending on the material it could cost up to 50cents to print and 1 Hour of time.
    With a little experience you can sell customized cases.

    3D Printers with Aluminum Frame starting at $150.00 and going up should not take long to recoup you investment.

    Remember though this is a starting with a Kit you have to assemble.
    Mostly assembled start about $500.00 20 minutes to assemble for a beginner.

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    For your purposes any 3D printer is suitable. From simple I can advise Anet e10.

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    just bear in mind that the quality of the cases will not be anywhere near as good as injection moulded. And things like curved overhangs are tricky to print with a cheap fdm machine.

    To be honest there is very little point in making blank cases it will just take too long and cost too much.
    What you can do quite effectively is make individual customised cases for people.
    This has a much higher profit per item and almost makes it worth doing.
    Almost :-)

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