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    possible to print box in vase mode and put hot glue in walls to make it stronger?

    Hey all,

    so... im making 3d printed automatic bartending machine for now it would just be an open box with funnel on top and 8 peristaltic pumps on back wall of the box, going into it and you place your glass underneath it etc etc...

    so i was thinking of making sort of an box, 20cm large that would be enclosure... you can see it here:
    you flip it upside down and you basically have entrance to put glass in, without having a bottom piece.

    so... i was thinking of how i should print this 20cm box and i was thinking maybe in vase mode, but then it would be really fragile, so then i thought maybe with no top layer, that will not be visible since that top layer will be on table basically when you flip the box the right way up, and then i would pour something into walls? like maybe hot glue or some other resin? what do you guys think?

    it would be much cheaper to print it in vase mode: 133g vs normal mode 330g with 20% infill

    or am i complicating too much? i just received the printer like 1 week ago so im quite new to this... printer is anet a8 for reference

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    1.5mm wall thickness should be more than strong enough and won't use that much plastic.

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    i dont know... thats even more expensive... 450g... i guess its okay since its a "big" box... but 2d, 19h print time is too much, something is probably gonna get messed up in that time... so im gonna try to find some other way to print this box, maybe slice its sides or something


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    Two choices:1. Print each side separately at a time.2. Build the box out of wood, plastic sheets, or metal sheets.

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