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    Anet A8 Extruder problem filament got stuck and squeeze sidewise

    Hi there,

    I do have a problem concerning my Anet A8 3D Printer. somehow the PLA filament got stuck and squeezes out above "the heating piece of metal" of the extruder.
    Does anybody here have experiences on that and see what most likely is going wrong?
    I added a picture just to clarifiy what my problem is.
    I already ordered a spare extruder and some of those extruder "threaded rods"
    Maybe there is good trick to solve the problem. E.G. somehow "extruder heating part (metal block)" and the threaded rod should be sealed (like using a heat resistant glue) but then it would be quite hard to substitute parts (disassemble it)

    Best Regards Oliver

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    This tell me that your extruder is leaking filament, meaning that you need to assemble the extruder parts firmly together.

    There are many videos I selected one at random Here

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