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    Ender 3 Screen Issues

    Hello All! I recently purchased the Creality Ender 3 about a month ago and have loved it! Recently, after starting a print (both via USB and SD) the screen flashes random and weird symbols (Pics attached). The first time the printer did it, I stopped it, turned it off and back on. Then restarted the print and it did the same thing. I let the print run its course to see what it did and the print turned out great. After the print completed, I turned the printer off and back on. I then checked that the ribbon cable wasn't getting any EMI (I read on another forum that it caused a similar issue for someone else) by rerouting it and trying a new print. No change. I later updated the firmware to the version from TH3D. I was already planning on updating the firmware in order to accept a BL Touch or similar bed leveling probe as well as to get thermal runaway protection but decided to go ahead and do it in desperate hopes that it would also solve this screen issue. After the successful firmware update, I tried a new print (both via USB and SD) and this time I got the weird screens and the bed began to heat up but then stopped. The screen stopped randomly changing between pages of weird symbols and the bed quite heating and the printer was stuck. I had to turn it off and back on to clear the screen. Has anyone had a similar issue or have any suggestions on how to fix it? I have an email sent to Creality for a fix but have not gotten a response.
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    I had this problem On my Hictop 3DP11 and My Hictop 3DP12 3D Printers.

    Both were caused my stepper motor noise bleeding into the Cables for the LCD.

    I solved the Problem By purchasing some Aluminum foil Duct Tape.
    I covered the LCD cables with a Painters tape just in case ever wanted to remove the Aluminum foil Duct Tape, taped the LCD cables to the T-Slot frame to the LCD.

    Then I grounded the Aluminum foil Duct Tape.

    Now it was not quite this simple as the location still had problems with interference and ended up moving the LCD to the farthest location from the Controllers and steppers

    The Twins 2018-3.jpg

    The LCD's were moved from the Top Frame to the Front of the 3D Printers, routing the LCD cables on the inside of the T-Slot frame

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    already successful?

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