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    Storing Filament in a Brisker

    Hello guys!,
    Do you guys remember the Brisker?, i got one here that used to belong to my grandmother. It keeps cookies and crackers really dry and crunchy.
    It is supposed to maintain a temp of 90f.
    Wouldn't that be a perfect filament storing solution?
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    expensive way to store filament. I use vacuum storage bags with descant packs then put the entire thing in a plastic bucket with screw lid. Bags are $1 to replace and if filament gets damp from being on the printer I run it though the food dehydrator over night. That brisker thing would be great but now much power does it use in a year to store maybe 2 rolls.. could be worth it.. Would be nice not to have to play with bags at the end of the day when pulling the spool off till next day, just stick it in the brisker till morning! Was grandmas so go for it!

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