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    right - things have been going on in the background.
    I'm pretty much resigned to the crappy screen and firmware. If I use sd cards and the odd short usb print and use simplify3d to do all the controlling - I can pretty much ignore the screen and horrible buttons.

    I've changed the levelling wingnuts for proper knobs that incorporate locknuts.
    Added my own design cooling fan bracket.
    I've added frame brackets and bolted the thing to a 5mm aluminium plate - this turns a slightly iffy frame, where the central frame isn't reliably attached to the bed frame, into a rock solid one that should hold calibration almost indefinitely.
    I've made an adaptor that holds the bed belt properly level. Before it never reached the holder slot in the frame and was a bit twisty.
    I've added a filament holder to the top.
    Also added an sd card extender that turns the board's microsd socket into a full sd slot on a long cable.
    Just levelled it - once i know it's printing fine and I've got the basic settings working I'll start messing about with the sizing g-code.

    currently printing an articulated slug via usb.
    Been making a lot of these as they are totally brilliant !

    I've been making them in shiny black, the one on the ctc will be an albino slug. Just hope the rest don't pick on him.
    running it at the same speed as my delta for quality comparison purposes.

    looking good so far.
    I'll go find my phone and take some pics.
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    Right I'll add pics in a bit.
    Currently printing an articulated dragonfly at 100mm/s. Looking really good.

    So a complete list of the things I've done to this printer. All added parts have been designed from scratch by me and I will put up a thingiverse thread with all the files when I've sorted the gcode, step changes and incorporated it all into a simplify3d profile.

    1) added on/off switch to power cable
    2) made a better mount for the y-axis end stop.
    3) replaced wingnut bed adjusters with plastic knobs and locking nuts
    4) made a focussed cooling duct that attached with 2x 3mm bolts. I use focussed ducts as you can get away with a smaller, lighter fan with no loss in cooling power.
    5) added top mounted filament spool holder.
    6) added some caps to the top of z-axis screws. current ones are temporary till I can be bothered to make something better :-)
    7) made front and rear frame brackets for bolting the printer to a rigid base. I used 5mm aluminium, 8 or 10mm plywood would work just as well.
    8) added an adaptor to keep the y axis belt straight. As it came the front holder did not reach the socket in the frame and was a bit twisty.
    9) modified the extruder with ptfe tubing to eliminate feed gaps and make it ready for flexible filament.
    10) added big rubber feet to the aluminium baseplate.
    11) glued z-axis endstop with some blue light cured resin. Once you get the z-stop where you like it, without fixing of some kind it will NOT stay put by itself, the nuts just work loose. I guess I could have dismantled it and added a couple locking nuts. Glue was easier :-)
    12) Added print surface from lankeda (no idea what it actually is) and then added a layer of dimafix and magigoo (seems to work well) to that - both were free from the TCT show last year.

    All items - where possible - are attached with locking nuts.

    All electronics and mechanicals are original. Apart from the y axis-endstop holder - I haven't replaced any original parts - just added bits i felt were missing.

    y-endstop holder.

    cooling duct

    Front brackets and belt straightener

    Filament holder
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    Complete printer and Dragonfly print :-)

    As you can see from the dragonfly - no stringing or print issues of any kind visible. It came off the bed easily and all the articulated joints are clean and loose.
    Colour me impressed :-)

    Just need to sort the sizing issue and I reckon I've got a really nice printer.
    It's been a fair bit of work, but at the end of the day I have to say, that if you pick the right base model and have some idea what you are about - then YES you can get a decent printer for under a hundred quid.

    The dragonfly was printed at 210c, 65c bed, 100mm/s, 0.2mm layer height.
    Current retraction settings: 2.5mm at 50mm/s.
    First layer went down at 30mm/s - considering the complexity of the wings, pretty impressive !
    Oh yeah also printed the first layer at 200% - so 0.4mm.

    One thing I did notice - the bed and extruder temps were nailed on. No fluctuation in the bed temp whatsoever and very little in the extruder.
    At least as good as the delta.
    It takes a while to get to temp, but hey - who cares, lol

    At an hour, it was the longest print I've done with the printer so far. The shorter usb cable appears to have fixed the issue where it used to reset in the middle of a print. I actually haven't used the sdcard extender yet. The board registers it as being there - so don't envisage any issues.

    Things left to do.
    Finish up starting gcode and get dimensions accurate. Hoping that will be relative quick job this afternoon :-)
    Flexible Cable holder, to keep the extruder cabling neat and out of the way. No rush, cabling seems to move okay with no obvious issues at the moment.
    Possibly redesign fan duct to attach to front of extruder, rather than the side - as at maximum y-axis it catches on the back right bolt head.
    Discovered that when levelling the bed.
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    final step settings were: X82 Y80

    Every time I ttempted to change the Z axis settings everything went terrible. But as it seems to be spot on anyway - not an issue :-)

    So I've just started my first serious print. A 2 part mould that will take over 4 hours.
    Running from the sdcard.
    Sizing is very important for these, so it'll either be a success or a waste of 120gms of pla :-)
    Running slightly faster than I run the same thing on the delta - but as the delta has an 0.5mm nozzle and this one the bog-standard 0.4 - about the same length print.

    Which is still pretty impressive :-)

    It's also pretty quiet.
    Doesn't sing like the delta and rep clones do, kind of a shame, I like the R2D2 noises.

    Could that be down to the stepper driver ?
    No clue what this is using - cheap ones I would imagine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    Complete printer and Dragonfly print :-)

    Where did you get the articulating Dragonfly

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    Thanks for the update.

    I've been tinkering with mine too, it's running well, but not as well as yours. Can't believe you printed the dragonfly at 100mm per second and it's come out great!

    I set both my x and y axis at 80 steps per mm and have accurate results. Since the belt pulleys on each axis are the same, in theory the steps per mm should also be the same. Have you checked your pulleys to see if there's a bit of crud on them or if one is slightly deformed?

    What thermistor did you specify in the marlin config? I'm not convinced I'm using the correct one.

    How did you modify the extruder for flexible filament? Did you just put some ptfe in that small gap between the extruder and the hot end mount?

    I've got more tinkering to do over the next few months and I'll post an update of what I've added. So far I've added:
    - reprap discount screen + ramps 1.6 board (a ball ache to change and re-configure, but worth it to get rid of that horrid lcd)
    - Replaced threaded rods with T8 leadscrews + flexi couplers (seems to run smoother, but hasn't really made a noticeable improvement)
    - PTFE tubing
    - A cheap TE917 build plate (the PLA adheres brilliantly but it's a bogger to remove the print)
    - Added an extruder fan (this probably made the biggest difference to the print quality)

    I did try to upgrade the extruder to enable me to use 2.85mm filament since I have 2 rolls of the stuff. I eventually realised it's not worth the hassle.

    Still to do:
    - Fix the whole thing to a slab of 18mm MDF (to give the frame more rigidity and to make it easy to move the printer without having to calibrate)
    - Add power switch
    - Add cooling fan duct
    - Add bed levelling sensor
    - Build solid hood (for covering the printer while stored and to ventilate abs printing)

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