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    right. Well I've made both x & Y 80 steps, seems a little better.
    My trolley token-onna-stick are the right size.
    Did 6 in on go and they all look great and measure correctly.

    So here's a real test of retraction and bed levellness:
    28 Trolley Tokens-onna-stick in one go - gulp !

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    Well she needs a name, after pulling this off last night:

    Not a blob, or sign of any threads or stringing anywhere.
    That's a level bed !
    size looks good - I'll try one this afternoon. If you hadn't already worked out they are for releasing trolleys without using a pound coin.
    Printed these at 100 - for selling custom ones to people I'll probably drop it to 75.
    They all released really easily too.

    So she needs a name and a nameplate. Hmmm, have to think about this :-)
    ctc 13 pro b - doesn't exactly trip off the tongue.

    The white filament I've been using is Y&S pla.
    See, they DID put a manufacturers sticker on the reel :-)

    I mean i have no idea where I gt it from, but at least i know what it is.

    Currently testing flexibles. Just printed at 40mm/s with ome flexible pla.
    Currently doing some flexismart black rubber at 30mm/s - I can just about use it on the delta at 10mm/s - so this is pretty good.

    I'm going to try filaflex next - had the roll for years, nothing has - so far - beenable to print with it. It's like wet spaghetti, the floppiest filament I've ever come across.


    One of the things I like about flexible filaments is that you don't need to heat the bed and you can run the first layer at 100%. Which, given how much slower the speed is than normal pla - makes up somewhat for the low print speed.

    Well hot diggity - this extruder eats fialflex like a hyena with a dead zebra :-)

    Just need to get my settings right and I reckon she'll print with anything !

    think I've finally got the settings for filaflex down.
    They say: 210-230c
    I say: 255 minimum :-)

    add in 120% extrusion and you can print it at 30mm/s
    Have to admit I am impressed with how a couple bits of ptfe tubing turn what is a really basic, no spring tension extruder into the best one in my workshop.
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    first decent filaflex print - ran it at 255 and 25mm/s.
    I'll probably drop that to 20 for subsequent prints.
    There are a few small areas where it hasn't melded ijnto a solid sheet of rubber, slowing it down slightly should fix that.

    What did surprise me is the lack of stringing.
    The final print is as clean as you'd expect from pla. Which does surprise me. Retraction is on 2.5mm and 40mm/s, and definitely seem to work as well as for stiffer filaments. That is surprising.
    The last part of this print is four cylinders with holes, at the corners of a rectangle. So I would have expected a fair bit of stringing between them as it moved from one to the other - and there is none.

    People buying these printers and then immediately changing the extruder - are really missing out.

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