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    Can someone suggest the Best VPN among the available ones.

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie here and I think this is the relevant section where I can post my query. I am looking for a paid VPN service. Previously I was using Turbo VPN which is a free VPN service and have lately noticed that it is leaking my IP. Although the app shows I am connected to Germany or England on checking it shows my real IP. I have come across some of the best VPN services for 2018 while looking out for a VPN but I am now confused as to which one to go for. The best options I have read about so far are 1. NordVPN2. Express VPN3. PureVPN. Express VPN is expensive of the two. So, Anyone having any experience with the above-mentioned VPN can provide me suggestions.

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    I use ProtonVPN smtms

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAbbot1985 View Post
    I use ProtonVPN smtms
    I also used ProtonVPN until their Internet speed fell, I used the premium version so don't write that the free version has a bad Internet. A year ago, I came across a very interesting site that tells you everything about VPN and how to use it. After reading the article "How to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK", I steadily started using VPN to ensure my anonymity in the network and use services that I couldn't use in my country before. In the 21st century, everyone should be able to use VPN because it'll help to protect our rights and we won't be monitored by the police and the FBI.
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