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    Thanks for the response, Aardvark.

    My Cubes are 3rd generation. I?ve seen a different hack for using open spoils online that uses a firmware update that prevents the machine from to the RFID chip in the spools.

    Thanks for addressing my original question. I had a hunch the Makerbot might be a good machine to start with.

    My students are pretty creative/artistic. They are enrolled in a magnet art program that they applied to.

    I?ll check out openscad soon. I?ll be keeping them pretty busy with Photoshop & Illustrator for the next few months so I have time to get these machines up and running while also trying different software solutions for modeling.

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    have a butchers at tinkercad:
    it's by the same company that make autocad - so excellent going forward into commercial designing.

    Have you actually plugged any of the machines in and switched them on ?

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    Adding in another recommendation for Fusion 360!

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    Aardvark I have not plugged anything in yet. My room is chaotic with supplies and materials everywhere. We just got all of the computers networked today. I?ll start plugging 3D printers in lasted this week (assuming I can find their power supplies, lol).

    Tinkercad sounds good. I didn?t realize it is an Autodesk product. I used to spend a lot of time in Autocad (about 15 years ago!)

    llama, thanks for weighing in. Fusion360 seems popular.

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    I neglected to add Meshmixer to my list of suggested 3D modeling software. It's also an Autodesk program and well suited for organic modeling. Those with an artistic bent as opposed to an engineering tilt will find it useful. There are features within Meshmixer that make it worth learning, as an accessory to the more complex previously noted packages. I'm fond of opening a model simply to use the dimensions feature, or to slice with a plane, or run a manifold check.

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    actually more important than designing software is a good slicer.
    I would recommend simplify3d. Not sure of they have an educational discount - most companies do - but it will make getting anything out of the printers sooooo much easier than trying to use slic3r, or modern cura (old cura easy to use) or any of the other alternatives out there.

    Does Simplify3D offer an education discount for teachers or administrators?Yes, we currently offer several different educational discount programs for faculty or organizations that are teaching 3D printing to others. Please review our Education page for more details. Once you are ready to place your order, please select the "Education programs" option on our Contact Form and include details about how you will be using the software in your organization, and how many licenses you would need to purchase. Please contact us prior to placing your order, as this discount cannot be applied after the purchase has been submitted.
    that answers that question :-)
    Also the makerbot uses x3g files NOT gcode. And simplify3d makes that a non-issue. You just pick x3g from a menu and carry on as normal.

    The makerbot should use a standard 3 pin kettle power lead. Assuming my flashforge replica is accurate :-)

    I would also return the machine to factory specs and go through the 'introduction' process. where the printer talks you through setting itself up.
    I loved that bit :-)

    Damn shame you're in the states. I'd love to come and play.

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    Makerbot does not seem happy. I posted over in the Makerbot forum but it's all crickets over there... Any ideas?

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    should be ahard reset button at the back by the power switch.
    try holding that down for a while

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    Oh nice! I?ll look for that when I get into work. Thank you!

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    No result resetting when powering on or once the Makerbot is already on. Oh well.

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