Hello again,
In my last post, I described the issues facing humanity concerning language, finance, and our current world order.

In this post, much shorter, I would like to present an idea for producing a completely open source hemp based bioplastic.

Phylos Bioscience in Canada took an initiative several years ago to begin recording the genomes and chemical traces of Hemp and Marijuana seeds as prior art in order to secure a seed bank of unaltered genes against the machinations of corporations like Monsanto.

They have options for using the seeds in non profit organizations. I do not know enough about the legal side of the matter, but I am aware that hemp bioplastics are making a rise in popularity.

An open source process for creating the plastics out of the plants grown from the open source seeds seems like a vital step in advancing the possibilities for RepRap.

Adding in algae or cellulose or other plant materials to change the properties of the plastic may also be possible, if the genomes and chemical traces of these plants can also be secured as prior art.

This will allow the system, as far as the plastic pieces are concerned, to be made completely open source and free from materials that anyone can grow in the home, or back yard, or community garden. Vertical farming scaffolding and greenhouses will allow large scale hemp and other biomass sources to be produced in almost any environment on earth.

Using recycled materials for the rest of the 3D printers parts, and open sourcing a method for converting that material into a 3D printing filament or material then secures the entire system, its components, and materials as an easily obtained and replicated system that no longer requires to continued use of standard plastics, avoiding many of the issues that these materials create for humans and the planet

I do not know how to go about this, either from an engineering, or legal perspective. However, I am confident that can be accomplished.

Thank you

"-" egoproctor zen