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    Octopi and e-con system camera: See3CAM_CU30

    Octopi can take over your 3D printer. With the ability to stream the entire process you better have a good camera. E-con Systems See3CAM_CU30 is a pricy but also a great choice to monitor the prints layer by layer!Ok - Sorry unable to post Youtube video directly.

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    I cant able to post direct link because i have to post 10 threads. So can you edit the post and publish the correct Youtube page. Above mentioned video link is broken. please fix it.

    I've mentioned the error below.

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    Yeah, really qualitative cameras cost so much and that is a fact especially when we are talking about the camera with the opportunity to stream the entire process. Just a few weeks ago I have bought the security system to my house, because I was feeling myself not safe in my own house. I bought it on and I eve can't say that this site is so expensive, but anyway that was really expensive for me. I hope that it will work for a long time without any troubles, because that was the most exnsive buy during the previous year.

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