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    Brass Printing For Spot Welding

    I am pretty new to the 3D printing world. I am basically looking to print fairly small parts in brass that are used as electrodes in a welding operation. Over time the end of the electrode wears down. Would we be able to face off that end and then print it back up to length to be used again. I think some post printing machining would not be that big of a deal if this is possible. Like I said I am pretty new to this technology.

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    well to start with - 3d printing metal is REALLY REALLY expensive.
    Generally limited to hi-end custom parts.
    The machines themselves start at around the $100,000 mark for something with a very small build area and basic powder handling.

    I can guarentee you it would be cheaper just to get them machined or cast in a more conventional manner.

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