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    Question Titan and Flex Extruders clarification

    Oi mates.

    Just got my tarantula and inside tha package there are three ( :/ ) extruders. Two Flex and one Titan.
    What is the difference? What shall i use? Are both - Flex and Titan - work with all materials? (PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood, PVA)
    Tha "flex Extruder" is the "
    Pro Metal Extruder" or this is different?

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    take them out of the packet and take pics and I'll tell you :-)

    As a general rule an extruder that is optimised for flexibles will also print as well - if not better - with all other filaments as well.

    It's pretty much just reducing any gaps a flexible filament can warp into, might also grip slightly tighter.
    Can't think of any negatives for any other filament type.

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    This supposed to be the stock one
    This supposed to be the flex extr
    And this supposed to be the titan extruder. Now the question is why on Dio is called titan. All I see is plastic

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