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    where did the links go to mark forum read

    Links at to that would let us mark all the forums read are missing..

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    I was looking for the "Mark All Forums Read" link, too.

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    Guys, I will have our developer fix this for you asap. Sorry for any trouble.

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    while you're there can we get a section setup specificially for the plethora of 'newbies' who all start a new thread: 'I have $2 to buy a 3d printer, it must have a print volume large enough to make a full size igloo, be faster than inection moulding - and preferable also do metal.'.

    having an obviously visible section for people new to 3d printing might cut down on a lot of the repetitive threads we get.
    I have looked and I don't have the particular super power that lets me set up new sections of the forum.

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    Glad I'm not the only one who lost the ability to mark all forums read.

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