My wife purchased me a REPRAPGURU DIY RepRap Prusa I3 V2 from Amazon for my 37th Birthday, and I have to say, I absolutely love this thing. However, I am wanting to do some modifications to it, specifically with the Extruder assembly. The one that comes with this model printer has the extruder sticking out in front a good amount of distance, which in my mind is putting additional stress on the horizontal bars that it rides on because it is extending that center of gravity out quite a bit.RepRapGuru_Extruder.jpgSo, I was looking into something like this: Ideal_Extruder.jpgThe reason I like the way that extruder is set up is because it seems to have a decent way to mount a fan and duct to cool the top layers of the printed part.With that in mind, I purchased a new carriage for it, shown below:Carriage.jpgBut for the life of me I am unable to figure out how the heck the stepper motor secures to it. There are no 'holes' in the sides of the motor for mounting it sideways as shown in the previous image. The only holes are on the front and rear faces. As this is an i3 clone, the distance between the bars is correct, so any extruder that would work in the i3 would work in this clone (or so I would think). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get that motor to attach to the bracket that I have? Or maybe I need to scrap the new bracket and purchase something else like this: SomethingElse.jpg This is $120 with a 4 week lead time...ugggAny ideas would be greatly appreciated. I can buy additional parts if needed, that is not an issue. I just want to be sure I get pointed in the correct direction before I go spending even more money.Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and offer some assistance. It is greatly appreciated.