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    Please help - cocoon create printer


    I have just got a cocoon create printer off a family member who never knew how to use it.

    When trying to level it one of the side rods is far higher than the other. So the cross bar is obviously uneven.

    Unsure how to rectify this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi BeauMacleanDid what Roberts_Clif link to fix your problem?

    I thought my horizontal bars were no level a couple of weeks ago but I ended up putting under the printer a 600mm by 600mm tile and levelled the tile with a spirit level. I put thin sheets of balsa under the tile to level it. After that it turned out the horizontal bars were level.I have had the Cocoon printer for years and have only started to do good prints in the last couple of weeks.

    This was mainly I had just installed a generic Cura program. You MUST get the Cura program from the Cocoon site for your exact printer or you need to know how to set up the other ones which I think is simple if you know how. You may have already done that but download Cure from here.

    If your 3D printer turns the temperature down after a print is finished you may have the correct Cura program. You may have even got it from a CD.ONLY print with PLA filament until you get those prints right.

    If you need anything further let us know what the Model number is of your Cocoon Create.


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