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    Unhappy What went wrong?


    I am new in the 3D printer community, and does not know a lot about 3D Printing so far.
    I am currently using an Ender 3 3D Printer with PLA filament. I am using the recommended settings on Ultimaker Cura 3.4.1.

    I tried to print a one-hand book reading accessory from thingyverse, and it made this weird "offset" in the layers. (Images below)
    - I am not quite sure what causes this. I thought it might be bad G-Code but i am not sure.

    Hopefully someone in this forum knows what went wrong.

    Higher quality images:


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    It appears the the X-Axis belt is loose and slipped, causing the offset.

    Difficult to tell with no X,Y-Axis relationship, can you post more pictures showing a larger portion of the bed.

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    BTW, unless you have tiny fingers, your thumb will not fit in the page holder.. You must scale it up for adult sized thumbs..

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    1st layer didnt stick tight enough
    happen all the time
    you can buy support ( glue type)
    for you 3d bed
    and will print out good

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    hope you found out if it was the belt or not

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