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    Hand for E-nable certification

    Finished my first E-nable hand and working on the Phoenix V2 atm
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    very cool - is there a recipient lined up for it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    very cool - is there a recipient lined up for it ?
    No this is for certification to be considered for fabrications and assembly.Why can't I attache an image I have none of the icons at the top of this window and i see no way to go advanced.. When choose manage attachments I get a black screen popup..

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    Quick replay is the only place I get the icons..
    I am working on a second had, this is a Phoenix V2, I figured might as well get certified on both in one shot

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    This kind of technology is definitely going to help amputees, as we can see in this nice example right here.

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    beautiful hand! I hope it can become a replacement for real hand for someone! keep it up!

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