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    Need some help and guidance for a chicken prosthese

    Hello i'm new to the forum and i come here looking for some help

    i have a chicken that is missing a foot, she has it amputed from the articulation so she don't have the articulation (can add photos of the chicken latter)
    IMG_2261.jpghere were i made the red line

    i have downloaded these files of a prosthese for chicken:
    that is a modification from this one:

    i'm not 100% sure thaht the desing is going to work on my chicken since she lost all the foot from the articulation

    also i still don't have a 3d printer, i want to know the best materials for it in order to choose a printer that can do all i need (i don't know much about 3d printer models either so if you can recomend me what things i should look for on a printer i will really apreciate it, i kind of know how they work and i also know a lot about digital 3d and can use some programs, at the moment i only have maya, mudbox and zbrush they are not the best for prosthese but they are still usefull to make modifications if i need to)

    if everything works well with my chicken i got asked to make prostheses to other birds (waild bird rescued that are missing a foot), i really want to help them too but i'm missing a lot of knowledge about biomechanic, prosthese and 3d print so i probably will be coming back here for more help ^^

    -I need help with the design of the prosthese (see links and the photo)
    -I need help with the model of the printer (what i need to look for on a printer that will be used for prostheses)
    -I need help with the materials for the prostheses

    Thanks in advance and sorry for any gramatical mistake and if i post this on the wrong place

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    I am sorry, I don't know much about this.

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    Hello, I am searching for it online.

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    Hello, I have tried to search for it online but I am sorry, I can't find enough information regarding this. But yes, I can share a site with you in which you can find the 6 best chicken feeders with reviews. If you want to know that link, let me know I will share that link with you.

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    Hello, I have tried to search for it online but I am sorry, I can't find enough information regarding this
    Thanks for your sharing! I'm sure that that will be usefull for someone
    snow rider 3d

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    I am searching for it online.

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    1. A large cage that can hold 5-6 chickens
    2. Food & water
    3. Some bedding material (something soft like wood shavings)
    4. An egg incubator
    5. Heat lamp
    The goal here is to make sure your chicks are safe and healthy while they're being raised. You want to keep them warm in their coop, but not too hot!
    A heat lamp should be used to provide warmth, but it's important to make sure the lamps aren't too close to the babies' eggs or they'll actually cook them.
    You should use a food/water dispenser for fresh food and clean water. This will allow your baby birds to drink and eat at any time.

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    Thank you farmer Giles

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