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    Shut down

    I have a bought in 2017 Creator Pro. I had a unfortunate accident that all the PLA plastic got stuck in the hot end printing over night. While trying to get the plastic out I left the machine on while heating the plastic for easier removal. I touched the heater wires together witch caused my machine to do a temp shut down then reboot to normal operations. Since then I installed new heater and thermocouple. Everything heated fine for unload and loading grate. I even updated the firmware to the newest today. I tried to print with the flashprint and My printer will shut down and reboot almost immediately. I have simply3D and that slicer works fine. I'm new to this as I just started in December. I have about 500 hrs. of printing. I'm wondering what possible could be going wrong in the Flashprint to why its stopping and reboot my printer.

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    did flashprint work before you updated the firmware ?

    And are you running the latest version of it.

    Also are you printing over usb or from an sd card ?

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    Yes flashprint worked fine before firmware and yes I have the recent program.

    I've been printing with simplify3d with no shutdowns. I've printed ABS and PLA with both extruders no problems with Simp3d.

    I'm running a wifi SD Card.

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