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    Need help finding a conveyor belt 3d printer

    Hey all, after spending hours on google using every search term I can possibly imagine, I'm turning to you guys for help.

    I remember seeing a 3d printer months (maybe a year) ago that had an infinite axis. I believe it printed on a conveyor belt, and the price was somewhere around $1000+. Possibly saw it in connection to propmaking for extra long things like single piece swords?
    I thought it had a tilted nozzle too. Im pretty sure the layout closest resembles the printrbelt.
    It is not the HYPERCUBE project. Its not the Polar3D prototype. It is not Swaleh Owais' WorkHorse.

    I know that it was NOT the Printrbelt, or the Blackbelt. But those are the only 2 that I can find that are commercially available (and theres that italian RobotFactory).

    Am I crazy? Am I just remembering an old printrbelt discussion? Or is there another 3d printer out there that can produce long, narrow continuous parts?

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    got to be original printrbelt project.
    Hell I haven't even heard of most of those you mentioned :-)

    Made in space have something similiar - they'ce produced a 27 metre plastic girder. But pretty sure that's not for sale either.

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