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    Question Good printer for under $300

    I'm in 11th grade and I go to an engineering school and was hoping to acquire myself a printer for personal use. Any suggestions?

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    quick Goodle search gives a lot of materials about your question. Check Aniwaa, 3dinsider etc. It's too common question, need more details of what you need exactly except the price.

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    $300 is a good range.
    Covers some decent ready built machines and some pretty decent kit machines.
    Monoprice are a good place to start:
    Yes that's listed at $399, but there's currently special offer $100 off !
    That's a bloody good buy !

    Tevo are acompany that produce some pretty decent machines. The latest looks like avery good buy:

    bear in mind that all 3d printers generally need a little modification. And there are are always facebook groups to help you out.

    Then ther's he3d. I love my k200 !

    Wouldn't necessarily suggest it as a first printer - but with a few additions:
    It's been a completly awesome machine.

    Things that are essentials:
    heated bed. It;s not an option, without you will struggle.
    Control panel and sd card slot. Makes the machine a standalone plastic factoy :-)

    Auto level - not strictly an essential, but if it comes with a probe - like the tevo flash - then it will take a lot of hassle out of printing.
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    Also look into the Ender 3 ($240 on Amazon, $180 or so on Gearbest if you want it shipped from China). It has excellent reviews, and I've seen closeups of prints that you can't even see the layers on.

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