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    Need to get models printed

    I haven't decided which 3D Printer to get, and have room to place it. I am looking for someone or some place to get a couple of things printed. Does anyone have some suggestions?

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    what do you want printed ?

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    There are many who would help you print a few things. Until you get you 3D Printer.

    Personally as a Hobbyist have almost ran out of things wanting to print. Would like to print for money was thinking of advertising locally will 3D Print anything. "list materials in stock"

    Depending if you want or do not want the Models released to the general public.
    You just need explain what it is how much material it will take what material you want and how long it will take to print. Or publish the models for the Forum to look at.

    They have company's that will subcontract your prints though they are far from my price range. As they charge you double they take half and pay the subcontractor half.
    They have foreign company's that will print though they take months to get your parts. Personally I would pay money for the quality of the prints that you get in return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    what do you want printed ?
    I downloaded a couple of designs from They are both HAM Radio related.

    "Handy Stand for HT's" and
    "Tytera MD380, Wouxun KG-UV8D,Hytera AR685 Desktop Stand" version 3 file

    The first one "Handy Stand for HT's" has some wording on the front. I would like it to have my callsign: N7AS instead.

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