I'm completely new to 3D printing. I ordered an Alfawise U10 and today I wanted to try it out. I assembled everything but in the end I wasn't able to connect one cable. I realized that it is the Z end stop. In all videos to this printer you can see the Z endstop but my printer doesn't have one.
Another difference between mine and the ones in the videos is that I don't have this cover on the board saying "Alfawise 3D Test".

Has anyone a recent model of this printer and can confirm that there is no Z endstop?
Can I power the printer up or would I destroy something by using it without the Z endstop?

By now I haven't contacted Gearbest about it but the service isn't known for being the best in the world. If there will be problems, is it a big challenge to find, order and install a Z endstop by myself?

Any help is much appreciated.