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    3D Printer that will print from SD Card

    I am looking for a 3D printer that will print from an SD card. My windows 10 PRO PC has a habit of rebooting itself at the worst times when I am doing something. I don't want to print from the PC and have it reboot while it's printing. My budget is under $250.

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    Octopi and done

    You can get a raspberry pi B3+ for about $50 and a logitech webcam for about $20 and install octopi and you problems will be gone a case from the web and if you have an older monitor and usb keyboard and mouse you are in great shape. Keyboard and mouse are optional as this is for remote access from any device. Love this setup!

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    I have two of these HICTOP Prusa I3 DIY I have upgraded them to the max.

    The Twins 2018-2.jpg

    And have 3D Printed all the white, blue and red parts you can see.
    I even added T-Slot Led light strips covers.

    It does go a little beyond your budget.
    Before you jump into buying any 3D Printer scan the forum and you-tube for 3D Printer videos you can see videos good and bad about almost every 3D Printer.

    Beware they have 3D Printers made so cheap the frames break during assembly.
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    Sorry, I thought you had a printer and were having issues with your laptop..I think the monoprice maker select is a good printer for a very low price is they have any in stock

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    Click on the "Notification" icon in the lower-right corner of the screen, click on the "All Settings" icon, click on the "Update and Security" icon, and click on "Change Active Hours". Change the Start and End times. I changed Start time to 6:00 AM and End time to 10:00 PM.

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    Any printer that has a control panel will also print from the sd card. It's the display panel that has the card slot.
    There isn't one with a panel that doesn't come with a card slot. Some are full size sd card slots, some are micro sd slots.

    Have a look at the monoprice machines. Probably the best in the price range for quality and support.
    At $160 with wifi and auto levelling the mini delta is the best value printer on the planet. Just not a huge build volume.

    As far as windows 10 goes. I just disable the windows update and the windows update putter-bacer-'cause-we-at-microsoft-are-total-bastards application.

    You don't need the updates, you don't want the updates and they will - 100% guarenteed - eventually kill your computer.

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    Hey N7,
    How are you? May I help to you. while 3Dprinters are not particularly cheap, there are several that come with arelatively low price tag.

    My first recommendation is the FLASH FORGE CREATOR PRO. Thisa pretty and lovely pricey printer but it's support printing with a huge rangeof different materials including wood and nylon. It does have a fairly buildarea, but this is offset by its high speed. this mean that you can createseveral smaller items.

    I actually purchased this printer after reviewed thislist(, just becausethey said overall , The finder offers two ways to import files. the first is the standard SD care and flash drive support, but it also features wifi functionality for tetherless printing.while the FLASHFORGE can seem a little over pricedconsidering its small build area . It's actually pretty good at what itdoes

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