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    New website that maybe of interest for some of your more hardcore projects

    I've found this site that offers use of a freaking Markforged X7!!!(quite cheep rates too btw). I've had really great results getting custom carbon fibre brake and clutch levers for my motorbike from them, super cool stuff. Just thought i'd share case anyone else was interested.

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    well the website seems aimed at 5 year olds.
    All they say about their machines is this:

    Our machines are exclusively from tier-one manufacturing companies that fulfil our own quality standards for industrial production. Due to those global leaders of machine engineering, we are able to offer exclusive materials and unparalleled quality-standards.

    Basically just gibberish that says nothing. The rest of the website is the same. Absolutely no concrete information on anything.
    Can't say I'm impressed.
    Looks like theu have an ultimaker extended and a mark forged x7.

    Interesting pricing range.
    A basic empty box 100x150x90 (first stl I found on this pc). varied from £7.49 (pretty reasonable) in pla to £298 in carbon fibre (freaking insane).

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    Right but carbon fibre is pretty expensive tbh, and ur using a $70,000 printer to achieve it. So i guess it's a matter of perspective

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    $70,000 !
    wow, given the the mark 2 will print exactly the same parts for around $7000.
    Why is the x7 so expensive ?

    Mind you I can see why the carbon fibre part was so pricey.
    Markforge sell the filament by the cubic centimrtre. Not length or weight - so i'm guessing these are really small spools.
    50cm3 roll is $149
    150cm3 - $447 = no discount for bulk !

    Peek is actually cheaper !
    Never though I'd say that :-)

    So yeah, on the whole the wecorp prices are reasonable.

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    i believe the x5 only does fibreglass reinforcement, whereas the x7 does all the reinforcements they offer, like kevlar, carbon fibre and fibreglass.

    but no I agree, definitely a step up in price from what im used to. But i guess it's as close as a hobbyist can get to such high end kit!

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    Holy crap, an X7!

    man i've been stuck for a while now trying to find 3D printed parts that are strong enough to cope with some of the stresses of go-kart racing. Super excited to try this out, custom light weight go-kart parts on the way!

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    let us know how they stack up to both strength and cost of traditionally made parts.

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    well now the parts I needed didn't really lend themselves to traditional manufacturing. was after some complex shapes for the aero kit, weird shapes and all needed to be strong af.

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    I see that they only ship to the UK. Is there some other place that will ship within the US with the same or lower prices?

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    $70k... never thought that it can be so expensive

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