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    Adding Lights to MP Maker Select Plis

    3D printing noob here. Just got the Monoprice Maker Select Plus last week and have been messing around with it a little. I’d really like to add some LED strips to it so I can see the prints better. I think I read that this printer uses a 24v power supply. Anyone have some insight on how to wire the lights? Ideally, I’d like the lights to turn on and off with the printers power switch. Saw some LED mounting options on Thingiverse, which look pretty easy.

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    I wired a LM317 circuit to the 12 or 24 volt supply as a led dimmer.
    Making sure the max voltage output was 12V on the 24 volt Supply. This requires a additional 5K resistor between Rv1 and pin 1 of the LM317.

    I am using 3ft of led Light Strip, the current being low soldered all components to the 5K potentiometer.

    I selected a used Ohmite 5K 2 Watt potentiometer. All the cheap no-name potentiometer's failed.
    The Led are bright white the color is from a 3D Printed T-Slot covers.

    Enclosure 2.jpg

    Mounted to the Power Supply Cover Below.

    Power Supply Case.jpg
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