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    Carbon Fiber Printing

    Hey all,
    I've really been struggling to find 3D printing shops or services who print with filaments that have carbon fiber in them. I know its more difficult than the typical materials, but I also know there is a variety of composite filaments and Markforged even makes printers for composites like CF and kevlar. With that being said I've been amazed at the lack of companies that excel in that domain or even work in it even a little bit so I was hoping someone would give me some direction on or refer me to a service that knows how to deal with such prints.

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    well mark forge are reall the only ones who are currently doing it properly.

    The rest are just using pla with carbon fibres mixed in. Reall doesn't make it any stronger. It's a little more rigid, but also more brittle then normal pla.

    Basically it's a gimmick that doesn't really do anything that useful.

    Unless you'e got a print service with a mark forge printer - I wouldn't personally bother with the carbon fibre filaments.

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    Dude! check out they offer use of their markforged x7 for pretty fair rates.

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    Thanks for the recommendation! Will make sure to check them out

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    just bear in mind that wecorp are in london - england. Not london ontario or london arizona :-)

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