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    Unhappy .stl won't slice properly

    Not sure if this is where to put this, (just joined), but I need the answer urgently for school. I made a model in blender that I exported as an .stl file. Everything seemed to be going fine, until I sliced it. It didn't do anything; no error message, except the popup that it was successfully sliced. (Same result in both Slic3r and Printrun). Everything worked but there was nothing there anymore; if I did it in .obj, it was successfully previewed, but the same result when slicing. No error message, successfully sliced; nothing there. Please answer quickly, this is due in two days aaaah ;-; !!

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    consider to run the model through an online checker program, or use Meshmixer as a stand-alone with the Analyze feature.

    You could also attach the file here for others to examine in a similar manner.

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    The online checker problem has the same problem as the slicers, it doesn't detect any problems, no error msgs, but there's nothing there.

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    resolved! after 2 freaking hours of troubleshooting, thx anyway

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    what was the final solution?

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    The online checker issue has indistinguishable issue from the slicers, it doesn't distinguish any issues, no mistake messages, however there's nothing there...

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    was it an ascii versus bin stl file type issue ?
    I've had that. Think you need bin for most slicers.

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