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    Unhappy .stl won't slice properly

    Not sure if this is where to put this, (just joined), but I need the answer urgently for school. I made a model in blender that I exported as an .stl file. Everything seemed to be going fine, until I sliced it. It didn't do anything; no error message, except the popup that it was successfully sliced. (Same result in both Slic3r and Printrun). Everything worked but there was nothing there anymore; if I did it in .obj, it was successfully previewed, but the same result when slicing. No error message, successfully sliced; nothing there. Please answer quickly, this is due in two days aaaah ;-; !!

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    consider to run the model through an online checker program, or use Meshmixer as a stand-alone with the Analyze feature.

    You could also attach the file here for others to examine in a similar manner.

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    The online checker problem has the same problem as the slicers, it doesn't detect any problems, no error msgs, but there's nothing there.

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    resolved! after 2 freaking hours of troubleshooting, thx anyway

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    what was the final solution?

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    The online checker issue has indistinguishable issue from the slicers, it doesn't distinguish any issues, no mistake messages, however there's nothing there...

    Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing

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    was it an ascii versus bin stl file type issue ?
    I've had that. Think you need bin for most slicers.

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