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    About the 3D Prosthetic Printing Initiative

    What better way to help connect people in need with those available to help, than through a discussion forum like and a media outlet like Today we announce the 3D Prosthetic Printing Initiative, an initiative that we hope will help bring 3D printed prosthetics to thousands of people in need. It won't be easy, but through the help of those individuals with 3D printers, and our community, we hope to be successful.

    This folder should be used for individual cases. A new thread should be created for each charity project that is underway. For example. If Janet Jones has requested a 3D printed hand, in the 'Need a Prosthetic 3D Printed' section of our forum, once the details are collected, one of the initiative leaders will post the new project in this folder. Then anyone willing to help will be able to do so, whether it be through ideas, printing of pieces, or custom engineering. The goal is to help as many people as possible in the most efficient ways possible.

    Over the course of the next few days and weeks, you will find more and more information here. If you are willing to help out in one way or another, please volunteer here. You can also see a list of what we are looking for in terms of volunteers here. It doesn't matter if you have a 3D printer. You can help in multiple ways.


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    This is such a great initiative - we have already come across certain prosthetics that have helped kids to allow them to breathe, without their airways collapsing leading to death. Other kids are born without hands, and prosthetic hands have been created for them. One of the kids had a deformed ear, and an ear was created for the boy so he has a normal childhood - and he can wear spectacles normally like other kids Furthermore, animals such as turtles have also been saved by building prosthetic shells for them. Hope this spirit continues through 3d printing - it will make such a difference in the world.

    Love, oownit

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    Myo electric etc

    Hi everyone,

    I finish studies over prosthetics in Brussels and have been studying the options for upper limb amputees.
    Here are my conclusions:
    -most of the amputees can't benefit from the enable designs because they have no wrist at all (these have mostly a psychological effect)
    -the EMG sensors are still either expensive or lack of performance, some hybrid system, with a control lit on by cables, and controling motors
    -check the EXIII forearm and the UNLIMITED TOMORROW if you did not do it yet.
    -the way to attach the prosthetic to the body requires something more than 3D printing to be confortable.

    I gathered some data that you could find interesting about the modelisation of the socket in Blender and Meshmiwer.

    Hope to see things move forward because yes, there is much that can be done.
    Thank you for this energy.

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