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    Tough PLA and similar filaments?

    MakerBot has Tough PLA but you also have to buy an extruder. I think that Polymaker PolyMAX filament is similar to Tough PLA. Any suggestions for filaments for working models that have gears, etc.

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    ninjatek armadillo.
    expensive but ridiculously tough. Also prints exactly same as pla - I know this because I made the mistake printing somthing with my armadillo sample, thinking it was the end of a roll of pla.
    Worked fine :-) waste of armadillo, but printed great.

    also innofill pro 1 - another premium pla based material I believe - though last time I looked innofill weren't saying exactly what it was made of. Prints great though.

    pet-g is probably pretty goof for gears too.

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